Message from CEO

Skymatics Holdings
is synonymous with life’s many wonders: Nature, Health, Wellbeing, Happiness and Care


It is about embracing these blessings daily, and living with them for life. An increasing number of consumers are discovering the wonders of Summer Naturale every day. They love the excellent quality of the products that comes with a value-for-money price tag.

And, the success of Summer Naturale to date is only the beginning. With a strong brand concept, solid market position and huge business potential, it is destined to go further and soar higher.

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey of discovery for Skymatics, the mastermind behind the branding of Summer Naturale. To be able to market our own brand, which embodies beliefs and values that people have come to treasure in today’s world, is reason enough for us to forge ahead.

When it comes to business expansion, ‘The Sky’s the Limit’, as our company tagline goes.

For ten years, we have been working with personal care products, and delivering them locally and abroad. We are aggressively pushing the marketing frontiers for Summer Naturale by opening more new markets and winning over more consumers from different market segments.

But first and foremost, this will not be possible without a sustained effort in building a brand we at Skymatics understand, embrace and promote. This Corporate Branding Manual is written as an everyday guide for us to think, communicate and act in unison – Such is the basis of powerful branding.

The brand is our asset. Together let us focus on a common vision and continue making Summer Naturale the success story it is, and will be.

Ling Hua Hoon
Chief Executive Officer
Skymatics Holdings Sdn Bhd



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+603 8062 1012 / 4439

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